July 2016

I have a crush on cherries! Bing or Rainer, I eat them like popcorn and cherries have been at their peak for a few weeks now. These little sweet and sour jewels, with their burst of flavor, curl up with

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Hello, closet tip seekers and those who are visiting my Wednesday’s Closet Tips for the first time. Thank you so much for requesting this series on a regular. You make me feel so special with your sweet comments. I hope

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The ultimate pleasure of summer is the bounty of fresh fruit at it’s peak picking time. I love fruit but I really love summer fruit with all the tantalizing juices bursting up against my taste buds. Is your


Summertime is salad time. Who wants to be camped out in the kitchen with hundred degree heatwaves in mid July? Not me! I’d rather be relaxing on the porch with a glass of sweet iced tea and this fresh salad filled

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Let’s all do a weekend dance! There’s something about summertime and weekends that makes me happy. Is it being able to wear flip flops and white sundresses or hanging outside with nature? What ever the excuse reason…I love this time

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I’m going y’all!!! I already have my grip packed and camera in hand for this exciting two day gathering of like minds. Bloggers from all over the country will be heading to Atlanta to partee’ share their knowledge of what

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In less than two short weeks, I will be boarding a plane to Atlanta, Ga to join other bloggers who possess the same passion for living the blog life.


Who doesn’t love a “la ti da” tea party with scones, crumpets, finger sandwiches and mini “hoity-toity” desserts to die for? I love tea parties and I was bound and determined to experience an afternoon enjoying tea and conversation at

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Hey Friends, I know I’ve been slacking on keeping you in the loop lately but I’ve been traveling and celebrating the summertime way to much. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. We traveled to my home town

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I hope you have already started celebrating the holiday weekend. We can’t wait to watch the fireworks right from our back patio. Our city is planning an amazing fireworks show  in our neighborhood. Heck, all we need is some yummies

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