August 2016

Hey Friends, I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as the one I ended up with. I had all these personal plans to prepare for the secret I’ve been trying to keep under wraps when all of a sudden, Aaron,

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Hey y’all, We have a few more summer weekends left and I plan on enjoying every single one. I see so many signs of fall being forced on our brains and I get it…but I’m still in summer mode and

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Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you sent my way on the “Goodwill Haul Goodies” post. I will


I’m a thrift-aholic! Now that I’ve verbally admitted my weakness, you can understand why I get all giddy when I see a Goodwill sign and commit a hit and run every time I spot that blue and white logo. I usually

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I’m jealous of y’all who are celebrating TGIF because it’s not the weekend for me. I have to work tomorrow so while you are fist-pumping and high-fiving just know there’s some


When I was introduced to this crowned jewel at a ladies night out, I had to get my hands on the recipe. Mexican food in Texas is a tradition and you will find Mexican restaurants in every nook and cranny throughout

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Hail to another summer weekend! We only have a few more weekends left and I plan on taking advantage of every “hot drop.” We’ve been entertaining all summer from back yard BBQ’s to picnics in the forest so I can’t let the

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Hey y’all, it’s still Wednesday so I’m popping in to share my most recent score of a bargain and how I mixed and matched this high-end skirt with a $3.00 tee from Walmart. I can’t believe I found this Neiman

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It’s hot outside y’all! I know I’m speaking the obvious but I had to warn you just in case you are hoping for a cooler summer day. Went spent the weekend moving from one shady spot to another trying to

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I’ve joined the Juicer’s team of champions. Yes, I know I’m the last to open my email but I’m on board and very excited to share my smoothie creations with you. I love