I love living in Texas, especially in the Spring! Wildflowers are popping up all over the place and painting a breathtaking landscape. There are miles and miles of colorful eye candy lining the highways and country roads.

Texans love to take full advantage of showing off our state by hopping out of our vehicles on the side of the freeway, dragging our kids and pets through the mounds of pictureresque blossom, then snapping pictures to capture the moment.
I guess springtime just brings out the crazy in all of us. With all the signs of Spring outdoors, I like to bring that same feeling inside so I’ve been adding Spring touches throughout our home with these budget friendly ideas and today I’m sharing our kitchen all spruced up for springtime.
#springflowers #flowersprigs I love to add fresh flowers from the yard or local grocery store. If you’ve been following me, you know I love Trader Joe’s selection of fresh flowers because they are very affordable and they aren’t stingy on the stems.
Once I added a twig or two or three, then I hung this colorful cup towel on the oven door handle.
#mjonesstylekitchen#mommybunnyandbabies #kitchendecor#fitzandfloydmommybunnywithbabiesyellowceramicegg
I don’t usually go all out with Easter decorations but I do have this adorable cookie jar with Mama bunny and her babies that I sit on the island along with this gorgeous yellow ceramic egg.
I collect cookbooks and I love to decorate with them so I’ve added a colorful cookbook and candy suckers for the kid aka hubby!
#crossbuns #bowlofstrawberries

Fruit is great for adding a spring touch to your kitchen. This bowl of strawberries adds a healthy snack to nibble on when we’re passing through the kitchen. I purchased some Cross Buns from the bakery, to enjoy with my cup of coffee or tea. You know I have a sweet tooth!
#redapples #springcoffeemug#lemonsincrystal
Don’t forget to add Spring to your coffee station by setting out spring coffee mugs and tea cups. Springtime is also a good time to serve up some fresh squeezed lemonade.
#springtimegraphic #lemons #whitebunny
The only things I purchased to add spring touches to our kitchen is flowers and Cross Buns.
I’ll be back next week with more Spring touches around the house.

Have a lovely weekend.