Happy May Y’all. Can you believe we are having 40 degree temperatures in May! I’m trying to celebrate Spring and this weather is not cooperating. I already put my winter gear on the top shelf in my closet and I had no plans to climb my ladder after the first day of Spring, but

Here I am, pulling out my height enhancer aka #stepladder for some warm clothing. I wore boots, sweater, a jacket and hat yesterday! When I heard about the northerner coming to town, I headed to Trader Joe’s (this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own) to get a few items wines and I can’t go to Trader Joe’s without going down every isle.
I always head to the food sample corner first. They were serving this absolutely delicious cheese called Cantal, from France. Cantal reminds me of Brie but a lot firmer and aged. I served it with grapes and crispy flat bread.
#strawberry yoguart
I’m a sucker for frozen yogurt and when I spotted this strawberry yogurt made with coconut milk, I had to get a pint and I’m glad I did. It taste like a lighter strawberry ice cream  with a fruity refreshing flavor. Note…I still haven’t made it to the wine section!
I love Argan Oil but it can be pricey so when I found this 100% organic oil for $6.99 I knew it was a bargain. Argan Oil is very hydrating. I love using it on my hair and skin.
I finally made it to the wine cellar and they were featuring this red blend for $5.99! I love red blends and wines with cute names so this bottle of Wish Flower covered both my loves and it’s good. Smoothe and fruity but not too sweet.
#yellowmums #traderjoespapersack
Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to browse because you never know what you’ll find. Stop by and pick up these treasures at your local TJ’s and don’t forget to grab a bouquet of spring flowers!