When I want to create a signature “Classy” look, I immediately think of Hollywood Glam and the women who turned that fashion era into an iconic phenomenon. It’s the look that personifies elegance, sophistication and femininity, the look that is sexy without all the sex and…

The look that always gets that second glance from men and women. Some of my favorite fashion iconic women who put the “C” in classy style are, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and our previous First Lady, Michelle Obama. The one thing I notice that all these women have in common is the art of Simplicity! In other words, Less is More. I put together this list of five must haves every woman should have in her closet in order to create a classy look for todays Wednesday’s Closet Tips…and these tips are budget friendly.
A Strand of Pearls are pretty, feminine and will never go out of style. Short, medium or long, which ever you prefer just make sure you have this workhorse in your jewelry box.
Pearl Stud Earrings are classy at a carnival or a cocktail party. There are several different sizes but 10mm is a good size and makes a huge statement.
The Black Dress there’s no explanation needed. If you don’t have one, treat yourself to the best purchase you’ll ever make.
A clutch pocketbook I know we love to carry miniature suitcases in place of a pocketbook but when you are going for a classy look, ditch the suitcase and replace it with a small cute clutch, your shoulder will thank you.
Signature Perfume collect all the perfume your heart desires but have one signature fragrance that connects with your chemistry and wear it often. Your scent will linger long after you have left the room.

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