I sure hope your weekend was as glorious as the one I just had. The weather was perfecto! The kind of spring weather that beckons you outside and all you can think about is hanging out with nature. This is exactly what the hubs and I did this weekend. We spent

A day in the yard pulling weeds, trimming bushes and cleaning off the porches for our much anticipated friends and family visits, this spring and summer. I can’t wait to share the front and back porch with you so come back for some fresh squeezed iced cold lemonade…the recipe!
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After all that backbreaking work in the yard, I was aching for a hot soak in the tub so I rolled my newly organized bathroom bar cart by the tub and indulged.
I love bar carts because they are so versatile. We all know they are great for serving drinks at a party, tea and scones at a ladies afternoon tea and even as a baking cart in the kitchen but how about in your bathroom?
Since I have a hoarding addiction for everything adorable, I have four bar carts and I use all of them including this one I’ve repurposed in our bathroom.
To create this look for your bathroom, start with a rolling cart. This one is a vintage tea cart with three shelves. Add these “essentials” to your bar cart, fill the tub with bubbles and exhale!
Fluffy Towels– Roll bath towels and tuck them on one of the shelves. Include face towels for bathing and applying a hot towel on the face while you soak.
Bar Soap– fill a bowl with fragrant bar soap. I love French soap and I find them dirt cheap at Home Goods and
other like places.
Body Scrub– A good soak in the tub is the best time to exfoliate your skin. Add bath salt to the water and treat your skin to this sugar scrub. It’s amazing and I made it from a recipe by #DixieCrystals Sugar. I will share the recipe with you in another post.
Body Cream– After a long soak in the tub, you will want to moisturize your supple skin by applying body butters and creams. Keep a supply on your cart for a radiant glow.
CandlesLight a good smelling candle to add to the ambience of a spa retreat at home.
#crystal champagnebucket
While you are giving your muscles a good workout in the yard, have a bottle of Champs chilling in the fridge. Pop the cork and let “Calgon” will take you away!