I hope Mother’s Day brought joy to you and your family! I spent my day visiting my niece, her hubby and my newest nephew who is five weeks old. I fell…

In love with all the grunting and baby noises this little bundle produced. I’d forgotten how they have you jumping at their every whimper only to find they are dreaming their little hearts away. So much fun for me, the auntie but not so much for first time parents who are awestruck with pride and joy. I gave them a break by baby watching and between his catnaps,

I spent time reminiscing about our trip to Paris, France. We packed a punch of adventure in six days which in my opinion, is waaay too short but I squeezed in everything I could including these three must do’s while we were there and if you’re ever in the City of Lights, add these “Must Do’s” to your list for the fun and flavor of Paris.
#cafeaulait#mozzarella cheese
Drink lots of Café au lait Paris has tons of sidewalk cafe’s to relax and sip on a cup of coffee while you people watch, the perfect past time. Most sidewalk cafes offer a wide variety on their menu including this delicious salad with fresh mozzarella.You can spend a little or a lot, it’s up to you.
Eat Croissants Everyday- Skipping bread is forbidden in Paris so ditch the diet and indulge on the best buttery croissant to ever cross your lips!
Shop The Flea Markets- Don’t leave Paris without shopping the many flea markets throughout the city. If you love antiques and collectables, you will loose your mind and money at the flea market. Tons of authentic furnishings, jewelry, linens, chandeliers, I could go on and on but if you are looking to bring home a real Paris find, you can’t go wrong at the Marche.
I shopped Marche Malassis. They are opened on certain days. Be sure and check their hours of operation so you can plan your trip with flea market shopping on the list.