I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day celebration with your family. My hubby thought Father’s Day was last Sunday, June 11 and he didn’t hesitate to let me know that I had forgotten to get him a present. I thought about letting him pout a few days until he found out but I was nice and told him the correct date for daddy’s day!
I usually make him something sweet on special occasions because like me, he also has a sweet tooth. I make sure I always have my baking cart stocked with the basic essentials for whipping up

Some confections when I get in a baking mood. By now, you’re thinking this woman is on a cart crush since I’ve been sharing the many ways I use tea carts around the house. You are absolutely right, I’m obsessed with their versatility, cuteness and compact size.
When I saw this cart from Ikea(not a tea cart but close), I knew it would fit in my pantry perfectly to house my baking supplies. When the box arrived in the mail, I was amazed at the quality of the product. This cart is sturdy enough to hold my “big mamma jamma” Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer which weighs a ton.
I love storing all my baking supplies in one place then rolling the cart to the island when I’m baking. I don’t have to go back and forth to the pantry because every staple I need for baking is on the cart. Easy Peasy!!! When stocking a baking cart, here are some must have items that no baker should be without.
Invest in a stand mixer. If you are serious about baking, a stand mixer is the way to go. The initial investment is a little steep but they last forever and come with several attachments to make your baking time faster and easier.
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Use sturdy measuring cups and spoons. Baking is a science so having accurate measurements are a must. Make sure you have the right tools for measuring your ingredients.
Stock up on spices and extracts. Most recipes call for spices and extracts which make the end product taste exceptionally delicious so by the best.
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Keep flour, sugar and leavenings on hand. No explanation needed. Without these ingredients you are not in the baking business.
Store special ingredients on the cart. Some recipes require thickening agents, unique flavors, and fancy decorations like corn starch, cocoa, and fancy sprinkles.

Having these basic staples on a baking cart, cuts out the last minute rush to the grocer. Why not have a stylish baking cart?! #bakersdozenorbust.


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