I’m proud to report we had another successful road trip through the Piney Woods of East Texas. I have to be honest and say this trip did not start off without a hitch. It’s not our MOD to have a trip without trouble! To start, our estimated time to hit the road was 4:30 p.m. I’m thinking the hubs is loading the car until I look out my office window and catch a glimpse of him pushing the lawn mower across the front yard at 4:15 p.m.!!!! #exhale
More to come on The Texas massacre road trip soon. I still have to share

Our road trip to Memphis, TN and our pick for great food finds on Beale Street! Memphis is my hubs’ birth place and one of our must see southern city destinations. Memphian’s claim to have the best BBQ in the country. They forget Texas, Kansas City and the other places who would beg to differ but since I’m married to a Memphian, I have to agree Memphis “got it goin on” when it comes to ribs. If you want the best ribs in Memphis, make your way to Blues City Cafe.
Blues City Cafe is located on the corner of Beale Street and 2nd directly across from BB Kings. I love how they greet you by running down a list of food items they don’t serve. Ha ha, too funny! What I can tell you is their ribs, fried shrimp and catfish are the best on planet Memphis.
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Yumptious is what I call it! We sat near the pick-up window and watched the plates disappear. After pigging out on ribs(no pun intended), shrimp and catfish, we asked for the dessert menu and zeroed in on the Apple Dumpling a la mode! Omgoodness! Apples baked in a buttery homemade crust, oozing with hot butter and caramel sauce then topped with a big ball of vanilla ice cream…Mercy me! We knew we didn’t need two of these heart stoppers so we shared one! Don’t even think of eating this alone, the guilt will kill you!
We heard about Beale Street City’s sister restaurant, Miss Polly’s Soul City Cafe located a few doors down so the next morning, we took a stroll back down Beale Street to try out Miss Polly’s breakfast menu.
The restaurant feels like a neighborhood diner with a sunny yellow screened entry door that slams oh so perfectly.

Once inside, you have a birds eye view of the open kitchen with big black pots steaming on the stove top.
I ordered chicken and waffles since they came highly recommended.
The waffles melt in your mouth and the chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Just like mama use to make. The meal also comes with two eggs cooked to order and a wait staff that aims to please. These two restaurants offer exceptional food and southern hospitality so if you’re craving good comfort food, check out Blues City Cafe and Miss Polly’s Soul City Cafe on Beale Street.

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