Hey y’all, don’t freakout about the title of this post! I’m all good. I just had to describe how I felt the moment I arrived at the best estate sale ever! Funny thing is, I woke up that morning and decided I wasn’t going to this sale. You know how you try to convince yourself that you don’t need another single thing! Not one more tchotchke to add to the ever growing collection
Well, around noon, the curiosity over turned my reasoning and the the next thing I knew, I was pulling up to this gorgeous mid-century style home nestled behind mature trees. My first thought was “I’ve screwed up” when I saw the crowd of thrifter’s with arms filled with finds. I could feel

My heart racing as I walked through the door. Honestly, I didn’t know where to begin my hunt for fear someone would beat me to “it.” “It” being I don’t know, just “it!” Then, my eyes feasted on “it!” I couldn’t get a good look because the homeowners grands were lounging all over “it” but I knew I wanted to investigate the bones more so I entered the room and casually asked if the sofa was for sale and then my heart attack moment happened. They said “YES,” you can have the whole set for $50.00 bucks!”
The little beads of water started to appear on my face but not before I said “SOLD!” Y’all, I didn’t even know what I had purchased until I got home and looked up the Makers Mark. Ficks and Reed Co. Vintage patio furniture. Oh my, and then I found some similar pieces on Ebay, and shouted “SCORE” This set is in mint condition and came with a sofa, two chairs, two end tables, coffee table, square table and a lamp.
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Tip- Estate sales are great for finding hidden treasures for your home.

I had to do some re-arranging on my patio but I squeezed my sunny addition in place and we are loving the extra super comfortable seating. Look at how the set matches my Mama’s sofa!
#fickandreedpatioset #bamboopatioset
These daisy pillows which I already had, are perfect, Right?!
#fickandreedpatioset #bamboopatioset

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,