The hubby and I are headed to Houston, TX for a fun filled weekend with friends. We will attend a snazzy black tie gala, compliments of our Houstonian friends and spend time with my newest nephew, #snugglebunny. I can’t wait to spoil him rotten, which is my gift to his parents. We’ve taken lots of mini road trips this summer and my thrifting habit was satisfied with stops along the way.
I gathered a few items to refresh my home office with the eclectic vibe

I love. Creating an eclectic style is simple but takes some refining to keep the look in check.

Tip #1- Mix old and new items for a timeless look.
I purchased this chocolate sofa for seating and lounging when I’m not sitting at my desk. My sons 30 year old chest is perfect for files and office supplies. I painted it with an eye catching turquoise paint and transformed it into this beauty.

Tip #2- Use lots of color to add interest.
Eclectic decor is full of color, texture and unique finds. I added this thrifted chinoiserie lamp, books and coloring pencils for pops of color.
#blueandwhitelamp #chinoiserielamp#boxwoodwreath
#eclecticofficedecor#colorpencils#chinoiserielamp #miniwoolrug

Tip #3- Create vignettes for a defined look.
I gathered several of my office necessities on this tray for easy access while I’m working.

Tip #4- Ditch the matchy-matchy with different throw pillows and furnishings.
I added four different pillows to the sofa but kept them in a blue and white theme. My desk is a dining table and this trunk is now a side table.
Tip #5- Decorate with vintage finds for a collected over time look.
Milk glass ashtrays and this hand painted trunk add functionality. I shopped my home and gathered this rug and a few more trinkets for added eye candy.
I love refined eclectic design. Think functionality and eliminate the rest and you will nail the look.
Until next time,