I purchased our first watermelon of the season last month. As tempting as it may be to grab one in the spring and first part of summer, I don’t dare! Where I come from, a melon “ain’t” sweet and juicy until July!
I know most folks know how to cut a watermelon but for those who may be intimidated by their ginormous size…like me, here are a few tips for picking, cutting and serving up the ultimate fruit of summertime. Start by picking a fine melon from the patch, like my Mama taught me. Look for

The watermelon with a brown stem and a yellowish stain on one side. The brown stem and the area where the melon rested on the earth are true signs that it was not cut from the vine before time!

Clean the melon with a wet cloth to remove dirt.
Cut the watermelon horizontally. With flesh side up, cut each half into slices.
Cut the flesh from the rind then cut into squares.
Place the watermelon in a bowl and store it in the fridge. Now your watermelon is ready to nibble on without all the fuss.
Watermelon skewers make a cheerful presentation.
Simply slide a cube of melon on a skewer stick, add colorful fruit in between and serve your guest in style.
Until next time,