Friday’s are fun for so many reasons. It’s the beginning of the weekend, jeans day at work, late nights on the town and the official lazy day on the job! I guess that’s why TGIF was created.
Let’s celebrate this once a week occasion with autumn plans like rounding up your fall decor to welcome the season. I started with my coffee station and you can check out the updates here. We drink

A lot of coffee and tea especially during the cooler months so I have created a drawer in the coffee station to restock the items being used to make that perfect cuppa! This way, I’m always ready for company when they pop in for a visit. I’ve even taught my hubby how to restock the goods since he has taken a liking to “fixin” him a cup or two or three!!!
#fallcoffeestation #coffeestation
Start with a tray that has sectionals. I purchased this one at Home Goods along with a variety of teas. Make sure you store everything you use in your coffee station like these spoons and forks from The Dollar Tree. They come 24 in a pack for duh…a dollar.
#teacaddy #coffeestation#coffeestation
I also purchased these adorable mini Mason jars from The Dollar Tree and added extra sugar cubes, chocolate chips for hot chocolate, pumpkin spice and hot chocolate mix. I added round labels by gluing them on the lids and attempting to label them with my not so neat handwriting. The cute miniature creamers are a gift from my sissy. They are perfect for serving individual cream.
#fallcoffeestation #minimasonjar#coffeestation #fallcoffeestation#fallcoffeestation
Now I’m ready for autumn and a cuppa!

Until next time,