Hey y’all! I know I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties and you are probably wondering why I’ve been MIA…right? That’s why I’m checking in to let you know that “My Cup Runneth Over” with last minute details for my first annual Vintage Flea Market Event. Hosting this event has been a long time dream of mine and it’s finally coming to fruition.
Many moons ago, I was visiting my sissy during the holidays and she invited me to attend a similar venue in her hometown. I fell in love with the idea and tucked it away for a future event of my very own. I wish I could

Invite every single one of you to hang out with me so to make up for my shortfall,  I’ll be sure to share every itty-bitty detail right here on the blog. The event is next week and I have a few vendors who will be participating with their vintage and handmade goods. I am opening my home for an evening of fun, refreshments and southern hospitality. I will be introducing my new product line of soaps and lotions which will soon  be online for purchase. If you missed my introduction video, check out the video reveal here. There will be lots of vintage collectibles (fingers crossed) I’m having second thoughts on letting them go. #pleasehelpthishorder!!! I will also have my sweet shop opened with lots of yummy-yums. I hope to be back to a regular blogging schedule after the event and to make sure you don’t break up with me between now and then, I dressed my bed for the fall and winter without spending a dime.
#blueandwhitebedding #eclecticbedroom
Here’s how I shopped my home for my fall bedding.
Tip- All the beds in my home are queen size. This eliminates having to purchase different size bedding and allows me to swap bedding for a fresh look.
This paisley quilt was in my guest bedroom last year. I layered it over my summer paisley duvet and now I have created a new look for fall.
Tip- Purchase solid sheets in white and light colors. They blend well with patterned bedding.

White sheets are my favorite for the spring and summer and in the fall and winter I use pastels and creams.
Tip- Layer your bedding with sheets, then a  blanket, a comforter, then pile on the pillows to your hearts desire.
Tip- Add something un-expected like this drop dead gorgeous peacock feather fan.
Tip- Add seasonal throws and pillows to chairs and at the foot of your bed. A single rose in a bud vase is very classy.
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Until next time,