When I think about the little things that bring me pleasure, the kind of pleasure that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, only one thing comes to mind and that’s the pleasure of a good cup of coffee! 
The kind of pleasure that makes me all joyful with anticipation of that first sip.
You see, coffee and I have had a long term relationship. It all started at my grandmother’s kitchen table with a saucer filled with piping hot sweet coffee.
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That’s the only way she would take her coffee. It had to be hot off the stove, percolated to perfection, so hot you had to pour your first couple of sips in the saucer to cool it off
and that’s how I love my coffee to this day. I don’t have a percolator pot and my coffee isn’t boiling hot but my prize Le Creuset French Press brews a close second.
When it comes to my weekend coffee, I make it extra fabulous by pulling out one of my favorite teacup and saucers from my Christmas Tea collection.
#internationaldelighthazelnutcreamer#chinateacupandsaucer #internationaldelightcreamer
Mugs are always present in the coffee station for daily use but coffee just taste better in china, at lease that’s what I believe and since it’s the weekend, I’m sharing my pleasure with you. #chinateacupandsaucer
Until next time,