Today is the busiest day for my Thanksgiving Marathon. It’s my baking day! Pies, cakes and cobblers. I’m already thinking hard about scratching something off my list and since my family reads my post, I won’t say what it will be, for fear of receiving a loaded inbox of hate mail.
#rustictablescape #mjonesstyle
I’m creaming butter and sugar for my famous #thatswhaticallit, Italian Cream Cake. Hold on, it’s time to add the egg yolks…one at a time.

Okay, I’m back. Now as I was saying, Something’s not going to make it in or outta the oven today. We will have lots of baked goods to comfort our sweet “teeth” and as long as my favorite is on the dessert table, I’m good!
#rustictablescape #mjonestyle
My favorite fun part of our Thanksgiving gather is setting my table. This year I went for a rustic semi-glam style using several items I already have.
#Rustictablescape #mjonesstyle#rustictablescape
Each place setting starts with a grey and white placemat that I created from a shower curtain. I purchased the curtain, napkins, two vases and flowers for this year’s tablescape. I cut the shower curtain into twelve squares, folded the edges, applied liquid stitch then ironed the seams together.
I used mix and match dinnerware to give the table more interest.These rustic candle holders came from Hobby Lobby last season.
My favorite part of my tablescape this year is this mound of fresh fruit. I love to decorate with edibles and with all the family I’ll have staying with us over the next four days, this fruit will not go to waste.
#rustictablescape #fruitcenterpiece
Theses ginormous acorns came from a tree in Fort Worth. Perfect for creating a fall tablescape.
I like having extra salt and pepper shakers on the table so no one has to wait too long to season their food #notneedatmytable.
#whitepumpkin #rustictablescape
Tip: When asked to pass the salt or pepper, always pass both as a courtesy.

I created three Bouquets from four bunches of flowers. Trader Joe’s is my lifeline when it comes to beautiful florals at a ridiculously cheap price. To add a little semi-glam, I added crystal goblets, wine glasses and decanters.
#goleandsilvershotglasses #mjonesstyle#Rustictablescape #mjonesstyle#rustictablescape
Well, my oven timer just went off so it’s back to baking for me.

I hope you have a glorious Thanksgiving with lots of love.

I’ll be back next week for the 3rd annual Marry and Bright Holiday Home Tour featuring several fabulous bloggers and their homes decorated for this holiday season.

Until next time,