Hey y’all,  only two more weeks to shop for the perfect gift! If you are like me, you’ve waited until the last minute and kudos to you because so many stores are having great pre-holiday sales.

I’m talking 30-40% off and I’ve done the leg and hand work for you so you don’t have to leave your snuggly pajama’s to cash in on these bargains. I’ve included a few of my favorite things and most are less than $50 bucks. I had so much fun compiling this list for you and my goal was to find 12 things but as you can see, I got carried away and had to narrow the list down to 13. #shoppingisfun!!!
Our new Bath and Body Shop is open. Pop in and check out our line of handcrafted soaps and solid lotions. Treat your skin like a diamond.
#mjonesstyle #mjonesstylebathandbody
Ruby red slippers, monogram mug and glitzy phone cover are fun and practical.

Colorful coasters, a warm crochet scarf and hat for those frosty mornings. I love this statement necklace and your jewelry lover will too.

Personalized stationary leaves a lasting impression. I love bracelets and this one is a gem. Dress up your eyes for that unforgettable holiday party.

A cuppa coffee has to taste French in this adorable coffee maker. True Red lipstick by Loreal is my favorite red lipstick and a great bargain. Aprons are back and stylish.

(This is not a sponsored post, all opinions, and love is 100% mine.)

Join us tomorrow for the finale tour of our 2017 Merry and Bright Holiday Home.

Happy shopping!

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