It’s Closet Tips Wednesday and I’m wearing color! Everyone knows I love wearing black. I could say black is my favorite color but it’s not. I just love how black hides a multitude of sins! Anyways, I’ve been wearing more color lately which makes me very happy.
#vintagepearlandgoldnecklace #mjonesstyle

Today, I’m wearing this ruby red tunic that’s soft and very comfortable. This tunic has a tent effect on the sides with a split. This added touch gives this top style and I’m a sucker for 3/4 length sleeves.
#redtunic #mjonesstyle #wednesdaysclosettips
I’ve worn these leggings before. They were gifted to me from my friend, Vernessa.
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle #redtunic
The material is extremely warm for these cold days we’ve been having lately.
#redtunic #mjonesstyle
These suede booties aren’t new either. I have several pairs of booties and I just purchased another pair which I will be styling for you soon.
#vintagepearlandgoldnecklace #mjonesstyle
How about this super duper gorgeous vintage necklace that I stole from my sister’s jewelry stash? Not really, she wasn’t wearing it so I’m wearing it for her.
#pearlteardropearrings #mjonesstyle
I added a pair of teardrop pearls earrings and a little more arm candy.

Have a super Wednesday!

Until next time,

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