As promised, I’m sharing our recent winter holiday in Havana, Cuba. We had six days of outrageous fun. We slept in, ate a late breakfast and let the day unfold. No schedule, no tours, no nothing other than what we wanted to do and it was fabulous.
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When we decided to travel to Cuba, we received a lot of negative response from our friends and family but I did my research and spoke with several people who had recently visited the city and they gave Cuba “rave reviews.” Now that we’ve visited and have personal experience, I can honestly say, Cuba was the perfect vacation spot for us. We loved the people, place and all that Havana has to offer. We felt safe and welcomed by the Cuban people and we will definitely return for another visit. We love to travel so this vacation was right up our alley and very budget friendly. If you are thinking of traveling to Cuba, here’s how to vaca on the cheap.
Tip #1- Stay at an Airbnb.

This was our first time staying at an Airbnb and all I can say is “where have you been all my life!” Unless you are super persnickety, Airbnb’s are the way to stay when traveling. Check out Airbnb for your next trip, you may be presently surprised. We stayed here.
The host was very nice, the apartment was super clean, offered great privacy and the location was perfect. Airbnb’s can be as low as $35.00 per night depending on the location and time of year.
Tip #2- Eat local cuisine.
Cuban food is delicious and cheap! We ate a full breakfast for $10.00 per day for two. we dined on a lobster dinner for $15.00 for two. I know, crazy huh?!
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The ice cream was the best ever!
Tip #3- Visit fancy hotels for the ambiance and people watching.
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We frequented our favorite hotel while we were in Cuba. We sat on the patio and ordered coffee and cocktails without having to pay $400 per night to sleep there.
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