I went thrifting y’all! This is big news since I didn’t thrift during the entire holiday season and when I spotted this new flea market that just opened three months ago, I did a happy dance.
My first thought was “It’s probably filled with junk!” Boy was a pleasantly surprised when I walked through the door. I know this place will be a frequent stop for me once my eyes stalked what was inside.

Antique furniture, vintage jewelry, dodads galore, within five seconds I was hoarding things in my hands. “Whoa!!!” I had to have a little talk with myself, “remember you only came to check things out!” After I started looking at the prices and then every vendor said “ignore the price I will make you a deal you can’t refuse,” I knew I wouldn’t be leaving here empty handed.
My first stop was Mary Ann’s vintage jewelry booth.
OMgoodness, this little lady has the goods on vintage jewelry. I’m a sucker for marcasite so there was no question I’d be taking this gorgeous ring home with me. Black onyx set in sterling silver for only $30.00! ooh la la, I’m in love.
I love blue and white dishes so when I found this oversized sugar bowl with a floral design for only $4 bucks, I had to give her a new home.
I’ve had these bracelets for a while but I have never shared them with you. These bracelets are Stella and Dot brand and they retail for $80.00. I scored them for $6. That’s a bargain in my book. I love how they coordinate with several outfits in my closet.
I’ll be thrifting and opening my treasure chest of goodies throughout the year in hopes that you will be inspired to get your thrift on. My motto “why pay retail?”

Until next time,