Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is filled with signs of love. If you are scrambling trying to come up with a last minute gift for that special person in your life, I’ve got the perfect solution. #wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle #pearlandsilverbracelet
Buy a blank note card like this one, write a heart felt handwritten note inside the card and place the card in an inconspicuous place for your sweetheart to discover. #heartmelt!
#valentinescard #milkglass
Today is Wednesday so without further ado, let’s see what I’ve mixed and matched for another Wednesday’s Closet Tips.
#mjonesstyle #wednesdaysclosettips
This gray pencil skirt has been hanging out in my closet for a while because I couldn’t squeeze my fat bottom in it without the seams screaming “help”! After a few pounds less, I’m able to zip it up. Whew!
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle
This black and cream sweater adorned with roses and sequins, falls just below the hipline.

Tip: A-line tops, give a slimmer look.
What about this vintage jacket!? I purchased it years ago at a resale shop.
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle
The buttons are gold rope knots. You remember how popular they were? They made these knots in earrings too.
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle
You know I can’t go anywhere without my arm jingle and a statement ring. These earrings had a pearl coating which peeled off overtime.  I’m still wearing them because I like the moon color underneath and I have this bracelet to match.
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle #pearlandsilverbracelet
I’m wearing my suede peep-toe slingback booties…again and this is my OOTD for love day!
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle
Until next time,