Where can I find a raincoat? It’s going to be storming for the next six days. Yesterday, I got drenched from head to toe and had to change clothes in the car for the long ride home. I was so excited
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To purge my closet last year during my closet makeover that I got carried away and donated my coat thinking, “no one wears raincoats anymore.” What was I thinking, I’m old school and where I grew up, everyone had at least one. Now I’m on the hunt to replace a perfectly good raincoat. In the meantime, I’ll have to layer and use my umbrella so here’s my OOTD for this rainy Wednesday.
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle
You can’t see but I have a black tee underneath this 3/4 length sweater that I paired with these thick pencil ponte pants. Now my torso is nice and toasty.
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These are my newest booties. Aren’t they cute?! They are platform which makes them very comfortable for walking. I got them from Dillard’s during their New Year’s Day sale for $29.00. I didn’t even have to fight the crowds, I just added them to my cart and clicked “Yes.”
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle #fauxfurvest#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle #fauxvest
This vintage looking faux fur vest came from Goodwill for $3.99 #score!
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These earrings are a Christmas gift from my friend, Malka. With a statement ring and my arm jingle, I’m ready for this rainy day.

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