This month has been a whirlwind of challenges. It all started with a sick spell that lasted for nearly two weeks. Then, our septic system started acting up…ugh! If you have a septic system, you know it’s no joke when it decides to stop working. This past weekend
I traveled to my hometown to attend a wedding shower for my friend’s daughter and while on the way, I was sideswiped on the highway and if this were not enough, yesterday, a lady backed into the front of my car at Starbucks. Did I mention it’s been raining for days with more rain in the forecast? Whew! I’m closing this month with an OOTD bargain from Goodwill which makes me happy so February, I still  love you!
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle #winecolordress
When I saw this dress hanging at the end of the rack, I couldn’t believe someone hadn’t snatched it up for only $6.99. This dress is from Talbot’s and it’s practically brand new. I love the knit fabric and the quality of the weave.
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle #winecoloreddress#winecoloreddress #mjonesstyle #wednesdaysclosettips
This pendant was a gift from a friend over twenty years ago. I added another necklace just because I love jewelry.

These ruby and rhinestone bangles were a gift from my nephew and how about these vintage sandals with acrylic heels?
#wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle
I found them while  antiquing and they’ve been in my closet for years.
#vintagefinestonesandals #wednesdaysclosettips #mjonesstyle
No worries,  I placed a pair of booties in my car just in case the down pour of rain gets to be too much. Happy month end y’all!

Until next time,