I promised to share my old and new favorite things throughout the month in honor of my birthday which happens to be next week. I shared some of my old favorite things here and I’ll be sharing more of them later in the month but today, I’m sharing some new favorites I’ve discovered.
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We debuted our new Bath and Body product line this past November and since then, we’ve received rave reviews and several returning customers who love our products. If you haven’t tried our skin loving soaps and solid lotions, handcrafted with organic ingredients and pure essential oils, you are missing out.
#mjonesstylebathandbody #handcraftedsoapandlotion #organicsoap #organicsolidlotion
When I decided to start my online shop of soaps and solid lotions, it was out of frustration with trying to find products that weren’t made with added chemicals and detergents which we all know can be harmful to your skin. I researched, studied and experimented prior to creating our line of products which cleanses and moisturizes the skin naturally without all the added stuff most brand names place in their products. I love the results and I would love for you to try our soaps and solid lotions by placing your order here. Treat your skin to an exhilarating bath experience, you deserve it.
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Y’all  know I have a sweet tooth and need want a cookie or slice of cake on a regular but I’ve been trying to be good so when I discovered these fruit bars with no added sugar and less than 40 calories, I was overjoyed. They are super delicious and satisfying. These fruit bars come in several flavors and I keep a stash in my freezer for when my sweet tooth needs fixin!

When I started blogging, I soon realized I needed something to keep my work, personal and blog life organized. I tried several planners and they all had their perks but I settled on this BlueSky planner and life is a lot less chaotic. This planner is budget friendly, unlike most planners and for the price of one, I bought two, one for work and the other for my personal/blogging editorial calendar.

I love the layout which includes a big monthly calendar and a daily section with several lines for notation.

These pilot pens are a new favorite too. They come in luscious colors with a roller ball gel ink that dries really fast.

I’ve fallen in  love with Kendra Scott jewelry like most of you and I treat myself to a piece of her jewelry for my birthday because during your birthday month, you get 50% off any item in the store. I have my eyes on these earrings but who knows what may happen when I go shopping at my local Kendra Scott boutique. I’ll share later. wish me luck, I’m headed there this weekend.

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