Happy Birthday To Me! I made it another year and I completed my Master Closet Makeover Reveal just in time to celebrate!

When I first started this journey, back in January, I had a vision of how I wanted to feel when I entered my closet and I think I nailed it. I love my closet!
I love the feeling of peace, serenity and organization my closet creates for me and March is truly Magical with this makeover. Through this process, I have learned that less is more. I purged like a wild woman and gave away many things that were just that, THINGS! Yes, I love clothes and shoes and pocketbooks and jewelry like any other woman but I knew I had enough to share and still have some to enjoy.
Honestly, I’m not even feeling the desire to go shopping for anything. My closet is so organized, I just go shopping in my pajamas at MJ’s French Boutique! smile!
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I can’t wait for you to watch the video below, it’s a full tour of my closet. Thank you for all your wonderful support and positive comments leading up to this day.