Welcome, to my little world. Thank you for dropping in and spending your precious time with me. I love to entertain, cook, travel and claw my way through thrift stores. In other words, vintage finds are like icing on a cake with a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, ice cream melting on the side! I have to be honest, I like everything that represents living a full life everyday. A simple meal prepared with love, good food and conversation, laugh out loud moments over wild adventures and travels. MJONESSTYLE is all about, my life as I live it.  I am married to a great loving man, the mother to an only child and the youngest of eight siblings. I grew up in a small town in East Texas in a big old framed house built by my daddy. My parents were hard working folk who taught us to love God, each other and our neighbors. We didn’t have material things growing up but we had lots of love and a full belly from the bounty of my daddy’s garden. Kick off your shoes, relax with a glass of sweet iced tea or wine if you prefer and come along with me as I share a little love , life and laughter with you. I hope you will be inspired to discover the joy of hospitality, try new recipes, entertain, travel, hunt for great finds and create your “own” style. Please come often and sit a spell. I’d love to hear from you so post your comments and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

#waterfall #havanacuba #mjonesstyleMe and hubby and that notorious backpack. He left it on a city bus during our first holiday in Europe and now his backpack has become a  staple for our travels!