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Hey Y’all! It’s been raining in my world. Raining all weekend, raining so much that my house feels like nighttime even in the day. I tried taking pictures for future post and let’s just say NOPE!, not happening so


Are you ready for another weekend of warm weather?! I sure am and I love the spring and summer even when I’m sweating like a georgia mule . The way I figure, you can always throw on a “wife beater” and shorts,

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I hope Mother’s Day brought joy to you and your family! I spent my day visiting my niece, her hubby and my newest nephew who is five weeks old. I fell…

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Today, we are headed to Chattanooga, TN for another Kitchen Keeping chat with my friend Linda at The Home I Create! Linda and I met when…

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Wow! Thanks for all the love comments for my Bathroom Bar Cart. If you missed the post you can read about how to create a spa retreat in your own bathroom here. Have you been shopping for spring and summer

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I sure hope your weekend was as glorious as the one I just had. The weather was perfecto! The kind of spring weather that beckons you outside and all you can think about is hanging out with nature. This is

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I need help y’all!


When I want to create a signature “Classy” look, I immediately think of Hollywood Glam and the women who turned that fashion era into an iconic phenomenon. It’s the look that personifies elegance, sophistication and femininity, the look that is

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Happy May Y’all. Can you believe we are having 40 degree temperatures in May! I’m trying to celebrate Spring and this weather is not cooperating. I already put my winter gear on the top shelf in my closet and I

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Did you read my post on adding Spring Touches In The Kitchen last week? If you did, here’s my disclaimer for the yellowish pictures…they got on my last nerve!