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I’m celebrating the 50th Vol. of Wednesday’s Closet Tips! Thanks to you for loving this series and encouraging me to keep posting tips from my closet. When I started this series, I had no idea it would be so well

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Summertime is pool lounging time and I can’t wait to make a big splash in my neighbors pool. When they were installing our their pool, we made it plain and clear that we


Welcome back to another Wednesday’s Closet Tips! I’m so excited to share this weeks tips from my favorite thrift store, Goodwill.

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Wow! Thanks for all the love comments for my Bathroom Bar Cart. If you missed the post you can read about how to create a spa retreat in your own bathroom here. Have you been shopping for spring and summer

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When I want to create a signature “Classy” look, I immediately think of Hollywood Glam and the women who turned that fashion era into an iconic phenomenon. It’s the look that personifies elegance, sophistication and femininity, the look that is

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Welcome back to Wednesday’s Closet Tips, The Spring edition. My closet is filled with the color black. It’s my go to color and I have to really focus on adding color in my closet. Now,

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I often asked myself why I procrastinate when it comes to organization.


Welcome back to another episode of Wednesday’s Closet Tips. I know It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my OOTD look with you and I’m glad to be back in my closet with all the latest makeover changes. I was so determined to get

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We are thrilled you loved the Spring Thyme and Style Blog Hop. We have more inspiration coming on Tuesday, March 28 so be sure and subscribe and you won’t miss the lineup. I’ll be back with a full tour of my

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Happy Birthday To Me! I made it another year and I completed my Master Closet Makeover Reveal just in time to celebrate!