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Happy Anniversary to me and my hubby! Today, we celebrate 27 years of marriage and a total of 30 years together. We haven’t made any elaborate plans to celebrate. All I want is a quiet dinner out where I don’t

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Happy Friday Friends! This week has been one that I am glad to check off my list. With all the freezing rain and hours of traffic I’ve suffered through, I just want to enjoy an evening of snuggly pajamas, hot

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Hey Y’all, with Valentine’s Day a couple days away, I’m craving something sweet and candy just won’t cut it.

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When I think of the dreaded cold winter days and nights, only one thing comforts me; a big bowl of homemade Beef Stew.

Hola, Hola, Hola mi amigo! We’re back from our winter holiday in Cuba and all I can say is Muy Fantasticio! We relaxed for 6 days in 70 degree weather, ate Cuban food, drank plenty of Mojito’s, sharpened our Spanish

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It’s the first weekend in 2018 and I’m counting down the hours to our first vacation of the New Year. I am so excited to be taking some time off because I worked through the entire holiday season. We took

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Need a quick recipe for your New Year’s holiday bash?! Here’s a chocolate candy recipe that’s packed with peanuts and it’s easy peasy!


It seems only a few short months ago, I sat down to reflect on 2016 and set goals for this year. With only a few days before we celebrate the New Year, I feel there’s no better time than now

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After all the frantic hustle and bustle of driving in circles for the perfect parking spot, standing in long lines at the register and fighting through mounds of traffic, make one last stop by the grocer before you head home.

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What do you do when you come down with the flu right before Christmas? Climb in bed and sleep it off! Here I am geared up to enjoy my holidays with music and food and soriees and did I mention

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