Here we are in the middle of September and it’s 90 degrees outside. I’m following the social media world by pushing pumpkin spice down your throat and the weather here in Texas says “Whoa!” I spent the weekend putting away

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Before the Pumpkin Palooza takes over and the entire world goes pumpkin spice crazy, I have to share this recipe that I found in my inbox from Southern Plate, one of my favorite food bloggers. Howse about a twist on

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As promised, I’m back today with another sorbet that’s bursting with berries!

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Thank you so much for all the love you shared on my post, My Heart Attack Moment. Just in case you are catching up or this is your first time visiting, you can check it out here. I’m still doing

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It’s August already and we’ll be saying goodbye to summer soon. I have mixed emotions about it. A part of me wants to hold on to the lazy days and long nights of summer and the other part of me

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Happy 4th of July! Are you ready for the sky to light up like a Christmas tree tonight?! Our community celebrates the 4th of July with a fabulous fireworks show and we sit on our patio and watch the stars

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It’s rib season at my house and to prove my point, my hubby has not one but FOUR BBQ grills! He convinced me to buy the fourth grill for our recent “Celebration of Life” party and I fell


Hey Y’all! It’s been raining in my world. Raining all weekend, raining so much that my house feels like nighttime even in the day. I tried taking pictures for future post and let’s just say NOPE!, not happening so


Are you ready for another weekend of warm weather?! I sure am and I love the spring and summer even when I’m sweating like a georgia mule . The way I figure, you can always throw on a “wife beater” and shorts,

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Today, we are headed to Chattanooga, TN for another Kitchen Keeping chat with my friend Linda at The Home I Create! Linda and I met when…