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You may think I’m jumping the gun with this post on holiday parties but you won’t believe I received my first holiday invitation this week. That’s right!!! Folks are already filling up their holiday calendars with soirée’s, so if you are planning on hosting a holiday gathering, now is the time to pick a date, make a guest list and let the party planning begin.

I love to entertain during the holidays with easy sneezy parties so I can enjoy the fun. A Cookie exchange is a great holiday party that takes minimal preparation. It’s a ton of fun with fringe benefits…COOKIES! Here are my tips on hosting a fabulous Cookie Exchange Party.

Tip: Make a guest list. Invite three to four friends who love to bake. Remember that each participant has to bring a dozen cookies for each guest so if you have 4 guest, each guest brings 4 dozen cookies.

Tip: Pick a date that works for you. Mail your invitations 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Remember, everyone’s holiday calendar fills up fast. You may want to consider a week day over weekends. Try a Monday or Tuesday.

Tip: Set a festive table with a holiday tablecloth, candles and gift boxes; whatever you have on hand. Create a guest section for each guest so they can display 1 dozen of their cookies to sample. Personalize this section of the table by placing guest name tags. Remind your guest to bring a recipe card of their cookies for each participant to take home. Designate a separate area for the extra cookies. Be sure to include cute cake boxes and ribbon in this area so your guest can box up their cookies to take home.
Tip: Serve easy appetizers that are savory like a cheese tray or mini sliders.(no sweets for this area) You will have tons of cookies!!!
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Tip: Set up a self- serve bar with wine, water and spirits.

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