I know I’ve been somewhat sporadic lately with my blog posts. With all the traveling we’ve been doing this summer, working a full time job and keeping up with household chores, I simply don’t have the time to post as often as I’d like. I love blogging and I know for a non-blogger it may appear seamless to read the words and see the pretty images created to inspire you in ways that visuals do but behind all the fanfare, there’s lots of work, time and brain power going into one little blog post. When I see bloggers posting daily and cranking out awesome content on their social media platforms, I have to remind myself to stay in my lane. They may be fortunate to have a village of helpers connecting all the dots. For now I’m just chugging along and hoping you will continue to support and love my blog.
Speaking of traveling, we’ve taken several extended weekend trips lately so I’ve become an expert or somewhat when it comes to minimal packing. I use

To pack tons of clothes and shoes for a short trip to find that having more choices creates a lot of chaos! I’ve learned how to pack minimal style like a seasoned traveler and still have plenty room left for those extra goodies I might find during my travels.
Here’s how I pack six or more outfits in one small suitcase.
Tip- Invest in some packing cubes. I have a set of eagle creek packing cubes and they help contain your items and free up space in your suitcase. They also keep things organized.
Tip- Plan your outfits to coordinate with your shoes. This eliminates extra shoes and clothes you won’t wear.
Tip- Layer clothing, long to short, then fold in thirds. Packing cubes keep clothing from wrinkling.
Tip- Purchase small bottles for toiletries then fill them with only the amount of product you will use. I use this bag for all my toiletries, face/body products and meds(use a pill holder).
Tip- Use the smaller packing cube for makeup and hair items.
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