Y’all, I’ve been hitting up every Goodwill in every little town on our summer road trips and I’ve SCORED several items to share how I’ve incorporated them into my eclectic style. Some of my finds need down home elbow grease and a new place to call home so I’ve stashed them away in my secret closet which I lovingly call MJ’s Vintage Closet. Someday, I’ll get around to giving them lots of  love and attention.
My thrifting fetish still needs feeding but I can honestly say I’ve fine-tuned my cravings to include rare finds and super stinking cute stuff. Honestly! #fingerscrossed! I have some very exciting news

That I’m itching to share with you and it’s all happening this fall. I’m not good at keeping secrets so let’s see what I found at Goodwill in Memphis, TN before I spill the beans!!!
#milkglassashtrays #silvergravybowl
Ashtrays! Remember when ashtrays were a staple in design? Even if you didn’t smoke, you made sure you had the most stylish ones for your guest.

Well, ashtrays are making their way back into the design world with re-purpose ways to show off their beauty. These milk glass ashtrays are cute as a button and when I spotted them for a total of $4.99, my heart skipped a beat. This hobnail one is my favorite.
#hobnailashtray #milkglassashtray
It makes a perfect holder for my extra flash drives and paperclips.
This miniature set holds earrings and adds glam to my earring tray.
I love silver and silver plated serving pieces for setting a lovely tablescape and I use several pieces in other ways like this gravy boat.
After giving it a quick shine with Wright’s Silver Cream, I could see my reflection when I snapped this shot. It’s perfect to hold my bath fizz balls, for now and $3.99 for this beauty was well worth every penny.
Tip- Pretty containers are the little things that make a big statement.
Until next time,