It’s been 40 years since I walked across the stage to receive my high school diploma. I never imagined how this day would feel or even thought about it, for that matter. After all, it was only one day that came and went and then we were sprinkled throughout the universe in search of our future.
What I do remember about my graduation day, is being the first class to graduate in the newly built Longview High School, the only high school in my small East Texas hometown. “The View” as we lovingly call it

Is where I was born, raised and nurtured by a village of family and friends. I also remember my Mama’s words of wisdom as I dressed in my cap and gown, “This day will be the last time you will all be together as a class so embrace the moment for your lives will take different paths after this day.” I know, I’m getting nostalgic here and I’m supposed to be sharing tips since this is Wednesday’s Closet Tips but all this talk about high school is why I’m not in my closet. Instead, I’m celebrating my 40th class reunion in my hometown and I’m bringing you tips on how to rock your fortieth with your mates!
Tip- If you are blessed to celebrate your 40th class reunion, wear whatever makes you feel good!
#whiteblousewithlace #bluejeanshorts
For the meet and greet hour, I wanted to be casual, cool and comfortable. I wore this cotton blouse from WHBM.
#whiteblousewithlace zebraprintheadscarf#whbm #whiteblouse
This blouse has quickly become one of my favorites.
#denimsandals #denimshorts
The heat was in full flame so I opted for these denim shorts from Walmart. #bestdenimshortsbarnone! I knew I would be doing a lot of dancing and my feet needed some comfort.

These denim sandals come with a guaranteed comfort sticker.
You know I love animal print and this snazzy zebra print scarf is one of my favorites to style as a bandana. Bracelets, earrings and a chunky ring is always a good thing, Right?!
#zebraprintheadscarf #whitelaceblouse #motherofpearldangleearrings#motherofpearlrectanglering #whitecottonblouse#zebrascarf #sunglasses
I love my classmates. Our weekend was filled with fun, fellowship and an overload of memories!

Here’s a bit of throwback from 1977. #Lobos4Life
Until next time,