Chesapeake Bay

Valentine’s Day is suppose to be a day of celebrating love and yet it has become so commercialized that you need to take out a loan just to have a lovely night out on the town. Restaurant prices are at an all time high on Valentine’s Day and a romantic table takes advanced reservations or you’ll be waiting in long lines. How about a lovely budget friendly

Romantic gourmet dinner for two right in the comfort of home?

I’ve found a company that offers all the luxury of a five star meal without the five star price.

Relax in your snuggly pajama’s, pop the champagne, slide your already prepared gourmet dinner into the oven and before you can agree on the perfect romantic movie to watch, you will be dining on a meal fit for a king and queen.

Impromptu Gourmet is an online gourmet shop that offers prepared dinners, desserts and appetizers delivered right to your front door. It’s like having a personal chef. You have three companies to select from, Mackenzie Limited, Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes and More. Simply place your order and they do all the work.

The meal comes ready to heat in your oven so there’s no prep work or a sink full of dirty dishes. The dinners come with an appetizer, main course and a delicious dessert.

I’m placing my order early to save on shipping. Happy dining at home.

Until next time,