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I am so thrilled you loved Friday’s post on Kitchen Keeping with Sara at Sifting Through Life. Just in case you missed the post, check out Sara’s delicious Fruit Tart recipe she shared with us here. I can’t wait to

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It’s Kitchen Keeping time y’all! I’m so excited to head over to my friend Sara’s place at Sifting Through Life. I just love the name of her blog and when I spotted Sara on Instagram with a spatula covering her mouth,

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Summertime is pool lounging time and I can’t wait to make a big splash in my neighbors pool. When they were installing our their pool, we made it plain and clear that we


It’s rib season at my house and to prove my point, my hubby has not one but FOUR BBQ grills! He convinced me to buy the fourth grill for our recent “Celebration of Life” party and I fell


How is your weekend going? We are getting lots of rain. Rain that’s pouring down like a waterfall and rain we certainly need. Our AC decided to stop blowing cold air right when we were welcoming sixty guest into our

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Y’all are too sweet! Thank you for your kind words on my front porch spring and summer refresh. Today, I’m going live with a cozy video tour of how I created my welcome front porch space for under $25.00. Tip: Birds will nest in small

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Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are celebrating and getting your taste buds ready for the first official BBQ of the season.


Welcome back to another Wednesday’s Closet Tips! I’m so excited to share this weeks tips from my favorite thrift store, Goodwill.


Hey Y’all! It’s been raining in my world. Raining all weekend, raining so much that my house feels like nighttime even in the day. I tried taking pictures for future post and let’s just say NOPE!, not happening so


Are you ready for another weekend of warm weather?! I sure am and I love the spring and summer even when I’m sweating like a georgia mule . The way I figure, you can always throw on a “wife beater” and shorts,

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