I haven’t been thrifting in months! I know it’s hard to believe but I’ve been really good…Honest!
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I’ve already made a list of items I’d like to score this year for my new decorating projects. Our master bath is first on the refresh list and I’ll be sharing the décor plans soon. Here is a recap of the best thrift finds in 2017 and  highlights of my favorite ones.
Dumpster Dive Table
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I spotted this table on the back of a junk truck. With some serious elbow grease and Velvet Finishes paint, I gave it new life and a new home.
Train Case
This train case hopped in my basket for only $2.50 They retail for $30 plus.
Dresser Trinkets
I’m smitten with feminine trinkets. They are perfect for displaying jewelry and tiny treasures.
Let’s Go Junking
Antiquing is one of my favorite hobbies and where I find several one of a kind treasures for my home.

Huge Area Rug
This rug has to be my second favorite score in 2017. I love the addition to our bedroom.
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The Milk Glass Score
And then there was milk glass and silver plated madness day!
#blueandwhitelamp #chinoiserielamp
Blue and White Office
Who doesn’t love blue and white and for $5 bucks…honey please!
My Sunny Day

The best score in 2017 is this gorgeous patio set from an estate sale. When I spotted this ray of sunshine, my heart skipped several beats.

The hunt is on in 2018 and like it or not, you are coming with me!

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